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International Yoga Day at Sambandh

We at Sambandh understand the importance of well being of its members and we do not miss a chance to ensure that even during such times when we are busy with our day to day lives, we do not forget to take care of ourselves. Hence, Sambandh took on the initiative to celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st June 2020. It has been celebrated annually on this date since 2015, following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. 

Yoga itself is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India about 6,000 years ago. Throughout the ages, yoga evolved and developed, along the way becoming a philosophy in itself. Then, in the 19th century, yoga came to the attention of the West, which had begun to take a general interest in Eastern culture and philosophy. Soon after, Swami Vivekananda, the first Hindu teacher to actively advocate and explain yoga to a western audience, toured Europe and the United States. 

Thank you so much to our members for coordinating and participating in this initiative. 

  • Aishani Datta (child)

  • Sudhansu Pal (Special thanks for taking a lead in organizing it)

  • Animesh Tewary

  • Anjana Das

  • Koyel Chakraborty Pal

  • Silky Pal

  • Shuva Dasgupta Chatterjee

  • Jayanta Dutta

  • Madhurima Ganguly

  • Nirupom Das

  • Susmita Datta

  • Rimi Ghosh

  • Debjyoti Paul

  • Arpita Mukherjee

  • Soma Sen

  • Shirsendu Sen

  • Kausik Datta

Special thanks to Sambandh Studio for the beautiful production. This video highlights the importance of the below asanas - 

  • Surya Namaskar

  • Bhujangasana 

  • Trikonasana

  • Kumbhakasana

  • Balasana

  • Virabhadrasana

  • Tadasana or Samasthiti

  • Bhadakonasana

  • Anulom Vilom

Everybody was more than happy and some have even taken this up as a part of their day to day lives. Sambandh encourages you to adapt Yoga in your day to day lives, too.

Take care and Stay Safe! 

International Yoga Day at Sambandh: About Us
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