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February Fiesta

A Sankranti Celebration

Sambandh organized its first big event in the name of February Fiesta to celebrate the on-setting of Sankranti. The event was a huge success for which we would definitely like to thank every member and non-member who contributed to it! This event had two sides to it, introducing the meaning of Sankranti & celebrating it with well known Indian cuisine. As you must know in India, celebrations are incomplete without food items, both sour and sweet.

You should surely be a part of our events, if you could not join us this time.

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Event Preparation

Not just on the day of the event but our members had started the preparation before the on-set of the event. All the preparation work was done without involvement of any other organization. With an aim to pass on the legacy and artistic culture of India, we included kids in our decoration group to bring them closer to our heritage.

Exciting performances & Delicious food items

February Fiesta was a perfect combination of colourful events and delicious food items. Let me tell you what makes this event more special - all of the menu items were cooked by our special chefs at home - Sambandh's extended friends and family! Check out gallery, if you don't believe me and recognize our chefs.

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February Fiesta - A Sankranti Celebration: Programs

Cultural Aspect of February Fiesta

Our talented Chefs & Mocktail Specialists

Interested in joining us?

February Fiesta - A Sankranti Celebration: Programs

What Sankranti means to you?

organized by Sambandh specially for kids

At Sambandh the members are very keen in passing on the cultural heritage and the vast knowledge to our next generation so that the next generation knows about its roots and origin. Keeping that in mind, our Sankranti celebration included a section for paintings from kids based on their knowledge and understanding about Sankranti. We were amazed to see how kids felt about the same, some kids expressed it as a festival of kites, some kids expressed it on the basis of what it means in different states of India while some expressed the feeling of praying with family with creating rangoli around the house. Overall it was lovely to see this festival with the eyes of the younger generation.

Thanks to the parents who took out time to explain it to their kids and thanks to our little ones for their efforts in creating such beautiful and lovely paintings.

February Fiesta - A Sankranti Celebration: Image
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